Monday, 22 November 2010

Calling all God botherers... when we talk to him are we twisting his arm or working with him? Discuss.


  1. When we talk to Him, we are "acknowledging Him in all our ways"

  2. Donald Baldwin commented on your note "Prayer - Questions".
    Donald wrote "Does it really matter how we pray, surely it is more important that we pray to God than not. We are all different in everything we do and how we do it, if the end result is that God responds then that alone proves He is still a God of miracles. A couple of years ago I took part in an advent prayer study, and it was interesting to hear how people used different things to propmt them to pray? The best one to encourage you to pray with eyes open, is when you are driving, unless of course you have blind faith. The older you get the more you know, because of the things you have picked up during your life. I remember a friend who had been a Salvation Army Officer and she told me that if someone came to your mind you should pray for them, for one it could be and probably is the Holy Spirit prompting you to pray as that person may be in a situation where God needs to intervene or the other hand it does no harm to pray a blessing on a person. Keep the discussion going Adrian this country needs a mighty intervention from our almighty Father in heaven, and the only way this will happen if the people of this country fall on their knees before their Father in Heaven."

    Donald Baldwin

  3. Allan Stevens commented on your note "Prayer - Questions".
    Allan wrote "I remember someone preaching that nowhere in the bible does it say you should pray with your eyes closed. Since then I have tried to pray more with my eyes open but often I do close my eyes, scrunch my face, and repeat words because I think it helps me focus and stay on topic. Those who are born-again have the Spirit of Christ in them who also intercedes on our behalf. Perhaps that's how and why we pray the way God wants us to. We are encouraged to pray in accordance with what God's will is, whatever we think that is, and yet Abraham interceded to change God's mind about the judgement of Sodom (Genesis 18). This kind of prayer goes beyond simply making requests and finding out what is on the Father's heart."

  4. Peter Bayliss commented on your note "Prayer - Questions".
    Peter wrote "I picture the Adrian i knew of old.....but less of that......Prayer is a recognition that we need our Father ! Yes, we perhaps could carry on without Him yet of much more at peace we are when shared with God. Yes you said, He would know anyway but gives us the joy of feeling that we have been part of His answer and also gives us the joy of praising our Father. I sometimes think that we can be so `busy`, we bring our shopping list of needs and wants, sometimes forgetting that praise is not an addendum to our prayers or a postscript but the very heart of prayer. Yes prayer is not `hands together, eyes closed` only but a eye opened cry or a needed plea. A moments action in a busy day, or just appreciation when we see beauty in God`s creation. We are, or at least should be `living prayers`"