Sunday, 27 May 2012

A yellow duck dancing – Again.
In 1970 I was leading a church in the North of England, one Sunday, as I was speaking, I noticed that people were getting very distracted and giggling at inappropriate points in my talk, I also observed that they got especially boisterous when singing, even in the slow songs. I later discovered that one of the young people had rigged up a line on which a large yellow plastic duck danced aloft behind me, becoming especially mobile when people sang. See my story on my Blog 26th May 2010. In November 2011 I published my sixth book, my first fiction book, and as part of the publicity I sent out a picture of the book via email. Imagine my surprise when the book cover came back somewhat adjusted.  I just thought you would all like to see it.
Here is the link to the original story...

Original cover
Cover with added duck

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  1. Keith Lannon
    I didn't know Icejacked was about a rediscovered dancing duck!!!!! Wow! That is seriously scary!!!!