Friday, 27 March 2015

Charles Finny on Atheism

Charles Finny on Atheism

 Difficulty: Another difficulty of Atheism is that it is fundamentally inconsistent with itself. To the doctrine that God created the universe out of nothing, Atheists object, "ex nihilo nihil fit." But in accounting for the existence of the universe as it is, they ascribe all events to chance. Now chance is either nothing or something. If nothing, to ascribe the existence of the universe to it, is to contradict their favourite maxim just quoted. If something adequate to the production of such effects, then they admit causality, and chance is only another name for God.

NB Normally a much bigger blog from me each month, little bit behind at the moment, its coming soon.. But I do like this from Finny.  Hope you do too.

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  1. ex nihilo nihil fit translates as out of nothing, nothing comes!