Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Place in the Sun

My Place in the Sun

A lot of people have taken me to task because I have suggested that the E.U. referendum in the UK was very xenophobic.  I do happen to think that in all areas both sides of the argument exaggerated and said things that were not true, but if you think sovereignty (whatever that is) economics, democracy  or any of the other things swung it in favour of exit I am not sure where you have been.  What swung it was we want to stop immigration.  As I said before not all people who vote exit are racist, but all racists will vote exit.  Sure some will have thought about the other arguments, though how anyone could cut through the noise to any factual knowledge I don’t know.

I said from day one, people will make their decision on this campaign emotionally.  That’s how people make decisions; perhaps they shouldn’t but realistically that what people do.  So what swung the vote were nasty racist posters, and we must control our borders.  We need to stop people coming into the UK.  It’s putting pressure on schools and housing.  I wonder why no one ever asks how much pressure divorce puts on housing. How can we possible think or say that a lot of this rhetoric, posters and advertising were not xenophobic?  I wish someone could explain that it was not a xenophobic campaign to my non UK friends, who work hard pay taxes, and were not allowed to vote but are quite afraid now; maybe sharing the fear of the two million plus UK citizens who live in other EU countries.

 It seems perhaps surprising, but perhaps it shouldn’t be that London, which has the highest number of immigrants, and my area very, very many yet we voted to stay in. May be we understand the benefit of immigration. What is also surprising, but probably should not surprise me is how many of my non birth UK citizens voted out. Kenyans, West Indians, Sri Lankans, Bulgarians, who have UK passports, friends of mine, but voted out.  It’s that yes I have my place in the Sun I have the sun bed and my towel is on it, say don’t you come in and touch it.

Let me tell you some stories which explain why I should not be surprised.  Some years back I remember being in Switzerland, I was there with refugees who years before had come to the country escaping war, and lived in really hard conditions.  But as is often with hard working, innovative, creative refugees they have done well.  I’m glad, nice houses, nice cars, prosperous.  I was aware that there were new wars at the time and new refugees coming into the country, so I asked my friends “how is the country coping with the new influx of refugees”.  Their response; ‘Our country needs to do something to stop these people coming in’! 

Story two, when we started helping refugees and asylum seekers in the UK we were advised to take some advice from an expert who was running a large half way house for people, not refugees but people with problems, we met the said gentleman, he was obviously from Asia and his turban sort of gave him away as not being of original English decent. His advice was most helpful, but then he asked what are you doing, my wife explained that we were setting up homes to help refugees and asylum seekers, his response to that was ‘we don’t want those people in our country’ my wife glanced up at the turban without saying anything, he obviously read her thoughts, and responded with ‘oh that, me I’m English’.

Story three, another friend of mine was running a youth club, arrived one day and asked the main worker where are all the young people today, they are not in the club, don’t know was the answer, looking out of the window he notice a whole load of young people kicking a football around, Oh he said I see lots outside, oh no came the reply they are not young people they are Polish.
I have all along during this campaign for in or out of the EU felt that the end decision was going to be made selfishly, we never once really asked will it hurt other Europeans, is it best for them if we leave, what do the immigrants hear in the UK feel about the anti foreigner rhetoric even the economic argument was always the selfish one.

Now, again not surprised, is to hear the Christians saying Gods will has been done, really?  Why do people always think Gods will has been done, what a funny idea, why does Jesus tell us to pray that God will, should be done, if it always is?  I am sure that often what happens is not God will at all.  So we may say as the Muslims do Inshalla or as Christians say D.V Deo volente, "God willing". God may be willing but that does not mean His will has been done.

Well now going back to that Brexit, was it what God wants.  I don’t know.  Personally to be non selfish, with all the wrong of the EU I felt it was better to stay in for lots of other peoples benefit, influence, the protections that the UK gave in negotiations to smaller countries.  I listened to others in Europe who worried that if the UK left it would hurt them, I did not want that to happen.  Am I sorry that I have said it was so badly racist influenced, no and sadly the post exit decision seems to have raised a terrible dragon of permission to be racist; with people shouting in the street go home, to various non UK people;   Sad.

So was God will done, I don’t think so, but I am not sad about that because I know God well enough to know he takes all situations to make himself known, and for those who love him He makes all things work together for Good.  So I am happy.
Adrian Hawkes

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  1. Keith Lannon
    You've bought a house in a hot hot country?

  2. I wish it was that simple Keith...

  3. |Keith Lannon
    I had read the blog. Not so sure of the title fitting the issue. Not wanting to start a discussion here that is better face to face, but I do think that a lot of so called, "racism," is simply fear of having our British comfort zone shaken. The huge intake in Germany is precipitating racist cries because German culture is being rocked. The complaint generally voiced is about people from other cultures - black, white and everything in between - not fitting into the UK. We complain about churches closing and Mosques and hindu temples opening, and people having lived here for 20-30 years and do not know any English apart from "Yes" and "No." Multi-cultural societies, personally, I think are wonderful. In muslim countries the Brits need to tone everything down...and I do not just mean on things "religious." Multi-cultural life is wonderful as long as we agree to differ. However, "honour killings," "Radicalising" and wilful separation from the culture of the host nation nurtures animosity in any country in the world. This is NOT racism. Whatever it is called is I think a bigger problem than, "I hate (fill in the blank)... people." How is it that some think the debates that were full of lies swayed the referendum, when the entire media were saying that both sides lied all the way. If everybody agreed that all and sundry were lying, how come the final vote is said to have been swayed by people that we all agree on both sides were merely selling us all propaganda (that's a posh word for "lying." Farrage gets the blame for his demonic and cowardly racism, Johnson got the blame for his lies. Those that supported the losing side don't get discussed. Agh! It is a H..U..G..E.. issue, and all I am saying is that I do not believe the media's explanation of the present state of play at all. What's on the surface is lying interfering politicians that really don't quite know where they are, and the larger than life BoJo and Farrage are wonderful targets for satire.

  4. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    "theories of racism"
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

    I also lecture on Prejudice, which I think is very aligned to racism - I do this as a CPD course for degree or post degree students and I quote my friend Jeff Lucas who said..“Prejudice is a subtle virus: it may linger deep within and almost go unnoticed, until the right difficulty ignites it with ugly results.”
    I would say that we have ignited it and we are getting ugly results. We are not saying that for many that was intentional rather those unforeseen consequences of a decision. Again something I have argued about for many years.. We can not see all of the future consequences, but if we planned more carefully we could certainly avoid some. I could site many government decisions that were made (we hope) with the best intentions, where I was looking at the non planned for consequences and thought this will all end in tears.

  5. John Burgan
    It's difficult to know where to start on discussing this matter, it's extremely complex. I had a Muslim boarding with me from Tunisia, he married an English girl. I was with them, and for them in all their arguments and problems. In turns they both cried on my shoulder, I love them both though they've moved on now. He got to calling me 'Dad' and I treated him as a son as far as close mutual friendship goes.
    Yet, my chief fear is the domination of Islam in Europe and in this country. Most Muslims just want to get on with their lives and they're not our enemies. But a substantial minority are against us. I read a great deal about this matter and on both sides. I find the leading experts believe Europe is lost and probably the UK. Not through terrorism but through the increasing loss of the 'levers of power' or 'stealth Jihadism' as it's called. I've posted loads of links people can watch and listen to. I voted 'out'. Nothing at all to do with xenophobia. I believe Europe and the U.K. Is fast asleep to the problem. I give my overall view on my text 'Let's get the facts straight' or 'Getting the facts straight' can't remember which.
    Thanks for your comments in general I agree with you.