Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Death Of Free Speech

The Death of Free Speech

There are lots of times when we do not like what other people say, particularly if they say stuff about us,  our good friends, religion, work, politics, or what we believe about God.

I know  it’s a bit later than George Orwell’s gloomy prediction, and 1984 has come and long gone, but are we moving to the point where, not only have we got to act right, but we must also speak right. I am referring to being right according to what is PC. But more than that, we have to think right too! So, it may be late by thirty plus years, but has the Orwellian “Big Brother” world finally arrived?

There is a growing trend that says if I don’t agree with some issue, or if my different opinion is not PC, or even if I just don’t like it, then I must not be allowed to say it.  Our universities are stopping people speaking because they don’t like the view point of some of their students or staff.  I probably agree that a lot of what is being said is horrible, and distasteful; but doesn’t that suggest that the next stage is to demand that not only is one not allowed to say what one thinks, but that one must not even think differently, and then, if things escalate to stage three, the echelons of power in universities would probably have to kill the Thinking person who indulged in the atrocity of disagreeing with them.

There are many countries where one is  not allowed to speak about the current politicians if it is detrimental, the reigning monarchs of the state defiantly, and definitely not the religion or religious personalities or leaders - that would be  “blasphemy” and one would end up in prison or dead.

I do think it somewhat strange that a god has to be defended by humans?  I am very sure that God is quite able to look after Himself. He does not need me, or anybody else to defend Him. And of course, He said, when being crucified, “Father forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.” Of course, He was saying things that should not be said, at least to the leaders of religion, and/or religious views.

My question is: If my arguments are so good in any particular area, does that mean that the only way my view cannot be presented is that I must be silenced – or even killed if necessary. That is not a nice world to live in. I am speaking from a position where people have written to me, telling me that if they had any power they would make sure my view was silenced .

I guess therefore my argument must be correct and the opposition so weak that the only way to win the argument or discussion is to silence any opposite view.

Adrian Hawkes
Edited by Keith Lannon


  1. Peter Bayliss
    Assume that if you begin a sentence with "Its my opinion" or "I believe scripture says...." or " In my experience..." who can deny me the right to say these words ?

  2. The Problem is that if I know you will say something I do not agree with, then many do not even want you to have the right to open your mouth - even with my opinion - that might be offensive. The snow flake generation are here.

  3. Peter Bayliss
    Have not personally experienced this, probably because i am not in the same position as you and do not enter the same `fields` as you do. I do understand that we should indeed not to be offensive unless when we think it wrong, who can take away me saying, "well i my humble opinion......."

  4. es, however in debates with Richard Dawkins the TV athisist - I have had learned people write to me and tell me if they could have me silenced they would, they also quoted to me their qulifications. And in universitys today many will not allow people to speak if they have an opnion they do not like. The area of marriage is a difficult one, you are not allowed to disagree. Look at the cake fiasco in Northern Irland

  5. Peter Bayliss
    mmmm glad Pat wants me to go and do other things........... I will continue to feel free to let my simple thoughts are to be made, may G_d bless you Adrian !