Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cice in Kenya

Cice worked with me in London in our Nursery and schools in North London, then she went and helpd set up our school in Sri Lanka she spent many years there, now she is in Kenya helping to do the same there working alongside our friend Sammy. I thought you might like to see her news letter as we work together there. Here she is...

Hello All,

It’s Cicely-Lisa Moraro Oino here, all the way from currently freezing cold Kenya. We are meant to be experiencing Elnino well it certainly is raining and lots of it. Unfortunately all a bit too late for the farmers here, crops have failed due to the lack of rain. Year after year it just seems to be getting worse and due to that people are literally starving to death here. Jobs are also scarce due to the rain as farmers have no need to hire labourers. The cost of food is also rising due to the lack of rain. And the politicians here are just busy trying to make a quick buck. It’s really sad to see all of the madness here at the moment.

I am out here working at Living Fountain Academy and also doing a bit at Sure 24. Living Fountain is a private primary school which is basically trying to reach out to those parents who may otherwise not be able to send there children to a school of their choice. Primary education is free here but a parent will find that there child is in a class of 70-100 plus students. So if a parent can they would rather send there child to a private school. The fees are very cheap and in fact the school struggles to make ends meet.

Sure 24 is a boy’s home. There are 19 boys currently from the age of 7-16yrs old. There are still a lot of needs to be met for the boys as with the school finances are tight and they need a lot of care. There are 3 fulltime members of staff specifically working at the home with the boys. Then there are about 6 other workers who are not there fulltime but come in and work alongside the other staff. The boys are lovely and it’s a privilege to be trying to help them out. We are trying to get there one step at a time as there is a lot to be done. It’s a slow up hill process and this is where the grace of God must come into play.

What is my job? Well my title is Head Teacher. What does that mean? Basically, I am working on putting some flesh and skin on the skeleton. There is a basic structure but nothing to tell you what that is. So I am doing admin which is very trying as we don’t have electricity at the project. I get use of a computer about twice a week and then it’s only for 2hrs or more if I can get hold of generator. Also working with the staff to bring about uniformity and clarity as to what is expected of them.

The school currently has 117 children and 11 members of staff including me makes 12. The area where the school is based is out of the way a bit from door to door it takes me about 1hr 45mins on a bad day 1hr 15mins on a good day. The road that leads to the school has not yet been developed so it’s a very bumpy, dusty, ride. In January the school is planning to start using the ACE curriculum it will start with only the Preschool and build upon it year after year. Currently 2 members of staff have done the training so now I am working at putting things into practice with them this has been a bit of a challenge as it’s very different from what they are used to. Out here the school year is January to December hence us getting ready for January. Gena will be coming then to basically launch the start of using ACE. For which I am very grateful there is a lot for me to do and having her around even if it is only for a very short 10 days will help a lot especially as we have worked together for many years doing this kind of job and know what is needed. Gena has also been to Sri Lanka on a number of occasions and helped me to put things into order. She also has many years experience in how to put ACE into practice.

Joe and I are doing well currently we are renting a room from a lady who is renting a nice house with all the mod cons so its very comfortable. But we will be moving out by the end of November as it’s a bit too expensive for us. But we will miss the washing machine, fridge, microwave, and cooker. Man the things we take for granted in the UK. These things are luxuries over here and I can’t wait to get home and have these everyday things again. Joe’s business is doing well he is working very hard and God is really blessing us. He has a few good connections but we need these to materialise. Working along the street is ok but he wants to reach further than that. Also if you really want to make it you’ve got get the art out of Kenya. So that is his next step getting it out there to see where God can take him.

One of the main things I am working on is the way people view children out here as though because they are children they can be treated any way an adults chooses. It’s very different to what I am used to and I am trying to show the right example as well as help the staff to realise there are Biblical teaching on how children should be treated and that there are great consequences if an adult harms a child. I really need Gods grace here as it’s a cultural thing as well and some of the staff were perhaps treated worse than some of these children are being treated. I think perhaps this is my biggest challenge as it affects me on a very personal level.

The other week I was on my way to work and the matatu (15 seater mini van also known as the bus) I got in was an old beaten down reck. Any way I got it as there is not really much choice. It speed off at about 100k and as we reached a certain point we saw the police they where stopping vehicles to check if people where wearing seat belts. Well I along with everyone else wasn’t and the worse part was I couldn’t even find it. But some how I managed to get it into the seat to look as if it was on. The police checked everyone in the matatu and we all had managed to put ours on but they knew we had only just done it. Anyway they arrested everyone in the matatu including the conductor. But they let me, the driver, and 2 other men go. It was only God who got me out of that one it was a bit of a scary moment as the police out here are a bit ruthless. To date I always TRY to find a seat which has a seat belt. There have been about 4 big road accidents here in the last 4 weeks killing over 50 people as they drive very recklessly and the vehicles don’t often have seatbelts and if it does have seat belts people just don’t wear them.




Joe and Cice Moraro Oino

Prayer points:
• For me to focus on the priorities and get them done
• Staff across the projects to work together in the love of God
• For the staff to realise they are there to BLESS the children’s lives
• For the children to grow in God
• Money to come in for the boy’s home
• Joe’s business growth and prosperity
• Finding a new flat: clean good toilet and bathroom, no insects.
• Peace of heart and mind that God is really in control and we will be home soon
• Protection and safety out here (it’s a different world to what I am used to and at times I don’t feel safe at all)

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