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School we are working to open in Brazil

Sao Paulo Brazil Rainbows Newest School

Of course not all of you know Fernanda well, as she did not attend a Rainbow SAGS or Cell of many of Rainbows great get together functions, however as a church community we have got involved with Fernanda Balau and her son Thomas, and even her ex husband. So much so that there was a good sprinkling of Rainbow people at the farewell party held at Haringey United Church where the local church community that Fernanda was committed to.

We really got to know Fernanda via Beehive School. Thomas was put in the school there and to cut a long story short Fernanda ended up working with us there on a voluntary basis for several days each week, and we will miss her for that.

Not only did she get thoroughly committed into the school and the ethos of it, but we (Rainbow) sponsored Fernanda on one of our CEE training programmes in Swindon, which is a tough weeks supervisors training course. Fernanda did well on that which really helped us locally.

Fernanda was so impressed by the schools at Beehive and Phoenix that she became inspired to deliver this kind of Christian Education back in her own country of Brazil. She really feels that she is being sent from Rainbow to do this, and wants us to see this as an extension of the Rainbows International arm in Brazil.

The plan has moved along a good way in that before Fernanda left we singed a contract with Swindon recognising the school in Sao Paulo as part of the Rainbow Schools, i.e. Sri Lanka, London , Kenya and now Sao Paulo Brazil. We loaded Fernanda £1,000 worth of Paces training material and portfolios to take with her, delivering all that just the night before she left London.

In Sao Paul things are progressing let me have Fernanda tell you the latest…

From: Fernanda Balau
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 17:16:12 +0000 (GMT)
To: adrian hawkes
Subject: Re: Sao Paulo, Brazil: ACE School

Hi Adrian, I apologize for not being able to get my emails as soon as they arrive. I now have managed to install a broadband connection in my house and it is much better.

We are in the process of going through the bureaucracy of the country to be able to open an independent school that must have the entire Brazilian curriculum already in place to be connected with the English and they will soon approve. Schools with bilingual education here are called International Schools and the Brazilian Government is very strict with them.

Other information: it is strictly forbidden here for parents to simply opt out from government approved national curriculum schools and choose only to home school their children. For example, if I had Thomas only doing Paces here, without enrolling him in a "normal" school, I could be sent to jail...

But, I have a very good friend that is a solicitor and he is connecting with other international schools here to get us through the difficulties and to keep all rights reserved for ACE curriculum without any changes and in good relations with the government.

My friends and I must open a Brazilian company together to be able to maintain the international school. We would like to name it Fundacao Adrian Hawkes; (Adrian Hawkes Foundation) if you think it is a good idea and give us your blessing. It is a non profitable organization that will keep the international school and with part of the profit will separate money every month for one day soon to enable us to open the orphanage. Everybody has agreed that this is a great project. We already have many parents interested, but can’t even have an open day before finalizing bureaucracy first.

We will need at least 3 ACE British teachers to start around June/July if you know anyone interested, please Adrian, give them my email and Tel. 0055 17 3224 6787.

I will send you more info and pictures soon.

Many, many thanks,


Well there you go Haringey united have agreed to prayer support, I think Rainbow needs to do that and may be more. Hope you are all up for it not sure about the Fundacao Adrian Hawkes, but your all welcome to throw thing for that. Not at me. Pray for a great project there and blessings on Fernanda and Thomas and all that sail with them.
Adrian Hawkes
Friday, 17 April 2009

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