Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I thought I would post some of my original stuff so SWITZERLAND


The weekend of the 9th May 2008 saw the Partying, celebrating, thanksgiving and just great fun as the Tamil churches in Switzerland celebrated their 20 years existence.

From very small beginning 20 years previously, as refugees began to enter Switzerland away from the continuing war in Sri Lanka. By this time there was already a church operating in France, so they need to celebrate too.

Pauline and Adrian reminisced about those small beginning, refugees with nothing, often living in cramped rooms shared with more people than should have been in a small room. We remember some of the prophetic words about blessing, both material and spiritual that would be coming their way. Now we could see that God is faithful and His word is true, prophesies are more than words they are happenings though probably not finished; Homes that are spacious, good cars and jobs that pay well.

Nada one of the leaders remember that sometime there where only two or three at the meetings. Now we are not sure how many people are part of NLM Churches in Switzerland, perhaps 1,000, with around 10 meeting groups / congregations.

Adrian gave thanks to the gathered crowd for their generosity in financial support back to Sri Lanka which has enabled the work to grow there with School, Clinic, Vocational training centres, churches, orphanages and the like.

The crowd honoured people like Jenny and Karen for their continued faithfulness, Adrian & Pauline, for being there from the beginning and still being there. For the PIONEER Network for facilitating people to teach and lead and input such as Stuart Lindsell, they honoured the leader in Switzerland for their humble approach to leadership and also for their faithfulness. People like Nada and Kala, Albert and Joy, Ravi and Sugandi, Not to mention leaders in Bergdorf, Lausanne and all those who are still there doing a great job.

The Saturday finished with a great explosion of joy and celebration with everyone leaving the building with bunches of gas balloons celebrating to all who would see that Jesus is good, all the time.

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